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    Question eXplorist to laptop

    Great site guys, I'm learning alot here in a short amount of time. I have a few basic questions someone may be able to help with.

    I have an eXplorist 600 with mapsend. I would like to connect this via USB to a laptop for 4WD use. What software will I need on the computer to display the map image from the GPS on the laptop monitor? I may soon upgrade to discoveraus topo, will the moving maps be able to display on the monitor?

    Any info would be much appreciated...

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    If you have DAST loaded on the lappy, then you can have moving map.

    If you are successfully connecting the GPS to DAST, then you just need to enable GPS logging. This enables the moving map feature of DAST.
    It's kind of like Oziexplorer except that you can't load any 'image' type maps like jpgs or tiffs.

    It works well enough(from my limited use of the feature) to save you from spending money on Ozi, but of course the features in Ozieplorer are far greater.

    DAST topo is money well spent, but only if you haven't already got DAST!! I would be waiting until Magellan offer an upgrade path from DAST, from what I've seen there is nothing wrong with DAST(maybe maps are out of date by 4-5years??).
    I've only compared the two versions using the VIC mapping detail (I know very little on the state of roads in the other states).

    Also.... As yet, there is no PC software(I think Shady says it's coming Nov/Dec : ) to modify/change/customise any maps and info for the new topo version.
    This may prove to alleviate some of the bugs/problems with the 512Meg preloaded SD card that is supplied.
    Slow screen refresh and some database searching issues!

    I've done a small review Here
    It's still needs to be completed as there seems to be so many features, but mostly done. Just need to compare the differences with the old DAST.

    hope this helps.
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    Another option would be to use the NMEA from your handheld to power OziExplorers 'moving map' on your lappy. This is what I use for all my off-roading.
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    I use Oziexporer on the laptop as well. Its a very versatile solution. I've even scanned maps into Ozi, calibrated them and it all worked well.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    So if I've got it right DAST will bring a moving map image on the laptop screen if it is loaded onto the computer and in the GPS SD card? For this I would need to wait till DAST topo comes out with a CD right? I donít have DAST so I think the topo is looking like the way to go (****** $expensive$ though). Ozy needs maps loaded into it and wont just project the DAST images for me will it? I dont think I have enough knowledge or skill to get Ozy up and running. Sorry for all the questions, I am and will be for quite a while a GPS gumby

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    My error....
    I assumed to had DAST, because you said "upgrade to DAST topo...."
    I think I know where you are at the moment??
    Ozi is easy....after a bit of mucking around you'll get the hang of it!
    DAST topo is 'worth the money'! I have the topo maps, but my mate lent(gave!) me the old version of the software (he's computer illiterate and never used it!)
    So now I find myself trying to compare (I'll load the old version onto a card soon) old v's new (topo)!
    You don't need to have any maps/mapping/software on the Magellan for the moving map feature of DAST!
    The PC software program, just needs to connect to a compatible Magellan GPSr, and then you log the GPSr output. DAST(on PC) will then act like Oziexplorer, in that it will display a map, and an icon(triangle) of your position.
    The maps in DAST(computer) are downloadable onto an SDcard, which you then load into the GPSr.
    So you can(effectively) have 2 mapping displays if you like, one on the GPSr and one onthe laptop running DAST

    Ozi needs images of maps (you scanned or bought or downloaded) and they have to be geo-referenced.
    The greater community have done a lot of work with Ozi, and we now benefit because....the Natmap/Auslig 250K series of maps have already been referenced so all you do is load some're done!
    If you try to load a scanned map of the UBD, Mel/SydWays, you will need to calibrate the map!
    I got tired/bored/sick/upset/etc, after 4 pages :

    DAST is good, and you won't have an easy time trying to load any images from DAST into Ozi. Can be done, but tedious work and confusing!! Not really map images like in Ozi, just a broader view of what you see on the GPSr!
    And it makes Ozi and a lot of other programs run very, verry, verrr....rry slow!

    Get DAST topo, you wont regret it, unless it makes the 600 run slow like it does the Meridian

    ps. You do have the skill to get Ozi "up and running"! You just haven't realised that potential to it's fullest! (it really is that easy!).

    Hopefully soon I'll have a go at a "howto" on extracting the DAST images and loading those files into other apps for viewing or using (maybe editing?)!
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