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    Anadigi gps-r02 Driver help

    Hi all, I'm hoping somebody could help me out with a 'little problem' I have at the moment.
    I have this cool little laptop GPS I bought from fleabay about a year ago:
    Anadigi GPS-R02

    I'm heading off to the sticks tomorrow night and went to reinstall the GPS drivers onto my lappy and found that the damn CD is damaged
    I can't find the drivers on Google, does anybody have the drivers for this GPS??

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    Well a 1 second GOOGLE search for "gps-r02 windows driver" finds:
    Which leads to:

    Is this your GPS?
    40 52' 33"S 175 4' 17"E - 42.521m

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nev
    Well a 1 second GOOGLE search for "gps-r02 windows driver" finds:
    You need a faster Google Nev. Mine only took 0.1 seconds
    Using billions of $$$ worth of satellites to find Tupperware in the bush!
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    Thanks Nev
    I was a little too specific with my google search and got nothing bugger all with "anadigi"

    Thanks again

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