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  1. map files for scanned 250k geological maps

    hey guys,

    anyone have or know of the existance or location of map files for the scanned 250k geological maps from geoscience australia as available from here and as mentioned by someone else in a prev thread.

    as an alternative and as the map extents look to match the first release of raster 250k would it be possible to batch edit the map files for that run to be used with the geo maps??


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    Hi helter,

    I reckon (assumption) that they will be identical to the 250K auslig/natmap .map files.
    Assumption is based on the premise that the geology are 250K, and that the raster maps are 250K. You would presume that the data is already there, for roads, topo, whatever, that they would base their mineral maps around the data they already have??

    try it, and let us know!
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    You can try here however many of these are so old they defy accuate calibration due to isues with the datum.
    Regards Charlie

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    No good!
    The scale is different.
    The pixel size of the geology map appears to be bigger. (or something)

    You would have to resize the Geology map to the equal of the topo map first up!!

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  5. What exactly does the class, geology, have to do with the major, civil engineering? My major is civil engineering and I am taking a geology class this semester. In my geology class, people who are not majoring in geology were asked to do presentations on why taking a geology class is important for their major. I have a few reasons why geology is important for civil engineering majors, but I am looking for more information on the topic.
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    I think you are on the wrong forum or are you a spammer? Good luck with your course but I suspect you may have to look elsewhere for more information on the topic...wikipedia is a good basic start ...

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    I will move your post shortly as it is not associated with this thread. Not that I am an expert in anything except thinking I am when and not busted for it....

    Clearly Civil Engineering is very reliant on data by geologists to determine what any infrastructure requires in ensuring it doesn't fall over. You can't get any simpler than that, you don't have to over complicate the relationship. Giving examples such as the San Andreas fault and the devastating infrastructure failures due to poor engineering design. The recent destruction of the Nuclear Power Station in Japan from a Tsunami. But of course some locations/countries should know they are on a fault line and not build dangerous infrastructure such as Nuclear power plants or levees that only are designed with cost over risk in mind such as that happened in New Orleans. maybe watch Big, Bigger, Biggest on SBS to get some good ideas about the history of engineering development of certain constructions and how difficulties were overcome. And Explorer has made it obvious where you would source such info or at least one of them.
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