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    Australian Voice files for IGO8

    Hi all!!

    Are there any voice files for an Australian voice for IGO8? As much as I'm amused by the pronouciation of name places by the US voice, I'd rather hear everything in a accent and voice I can understand!!
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    English ones?
    These are high-quality TTS voices that were adapted from TomTom v7. I believe they are 32kHz version which is better the 11.6kHz version that comes with iGo8.

    TO INSTALL: Simply copy the complete content inside the zip file to your \iGo8 folder and overwrite any files it asks you to. Then start up iGo8, go to Settings->Regional->Voice Language and select the TTS voice. If you did everything correctly, you should hear "Have a nice trip, drive carefully."

    Note: may not work for devices running Win CE 4.2.

    TTS Voices For PDA/PNA:

    Susan 6.9.1 High Quality (US English-Female)

    Kate 6.9.1 High Quality (UK English-Female)

    Simon 6.9.1 High Quality (UK English-Male)
    Try these and see how you go?

  3. Thumbs up Australian Voice files for IGO 8

    I put them in my Uniden Trax 436 and it works a treat. Better than the US one that can't pronounce !!

    Now all I need is an Aussie chick with TTS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wahroonga Farm
    English ones?

    Try these and see how you go?
    Do u know if they will work on Samsung Omnia?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Wahroonga Farm
    English ones?

    Try these and see how you go?
    Sadly they're no longer there. Do you know of any other locations? Thanks.

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    A timely question, Code1.

    Does anyone know of any "regular" quality TTS voices for IGO8.3?
    My GPS only has 64Mb of RAM, and runs out of it very quickly when the HiQ voices are used.


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    i have a few on my work HD i will upload if i get a chance

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    Looking for the voice files for IGO8 Amigo plz.

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