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    Garmin Blue chart compatible with vista ?

    HI guys

    I dont know if anyone has had the same problem yet?

    I have upgraded my desk top to a note book computer and have loaded garmin mapsource and oz topo, and shonky maps no problems. When I load BLUE CHART PACIFIC the program allocates directories etc then the install wizards encounters a problem and says an error has occurred and says try installation later to no avail.
    The CD worked no problems with XP. I spoke with Nicko and he hasn't heard of any problems and has obviously stated to contact Garmin support. I was hoping if anyone else has heard of the problem and can make a suggestion.


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    Still waiting for a solution Garmin have been very helpful but are still unsure of the problem as it has not occured before. They ( Garmin) are sending me the 2008 Blue chart Pacific DVD this week hopefully it works.

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    Thanks for the update.

    Let us know how it goes.

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    Garmin have sent me the Blue chart Pacific cd-room 2008 and guess what ?? Problem solved obviously there is an issue with Vista software and Garmin mapsource 2007 , possibly mapsource version 14. All working well Garmin product support were very quick and easy to contact and great to work with.

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